Adult Taekwondo

Adult Taekwondo

Although it’s called the Adult class it is for teenagers as well. In this class we teach the Martial Arts in its truest form. Students will learn everything the Martial Arts has to offer, physically, mentally and spiritually. The classes are filled with strenuous workouts perfect for older more mature students and teenagers alike. Instructors are there to help motivate and inspire every student. Students will grasp a greater understanding of the art but more importantly of themselves. Street wise self defense techniques are taught in this class along with the traditional movements of Taekwondo. Students are never taught to be offensive and a non-violent resolution is always emphasized. The student’s ages span from 14 years old through 80 years young.

So why do Adults like Vasquez Taekwondo?

  • It is fun fitness.
  • It is self-defense.
  • You can to take it right along with your children. 
  • AND - at the end of the day - you get to really kick something - HARD!!!

All kidding aside - it does allow some time for adults to focus on themselves and relieve some stress - all while studying a martial art that will improve your physical and mental well being. We do have classes
specific for adults so please check out our schedule.

For more information, please contact the Vasquez Gym at 972-548-8275,  email Julian Vasquez Jr at or click here