Youth Taekwondo

Young Tigers (Age 6 - 9)

The Young Tiger class is basically an elementary school class for Martial Artists. Students are still not able to grasp the more abstract concepts of the Martial Arts but can benefit a great deal from concentration, coordination, focus, discipline, structure and many other benefits that are highlighted in class. At this age, students are ready to start learning forms. Students can handle being pushed harder than in the Little Tigers class. They love to exercise and play with their friends. We spend time teaching proper technique along with discussions on when it is appropriate to use Taekwondo. Students at this age can test for their Jr. Black Belt when they qualify. Taekwondo is perfect as a Lead Activity or as a supplemental training for other sports. The Vasquez TKD program is a terrific fitness outlet, but also builds character and shapes concentration. Youth have many levels that they participate in at Vasquez TKD.


Youth Program (Ages 10-13)

This class is taught as an introduction to the Adult class. Students at this age  are ready for harder, more strenuous workouts. Their bodies are developing quickly and their coordination is setting in. Their minds are eager to learn and they are able to grasp deeper concepts than they could years prior. This is a developmental period for these students as well. They are dealing with peer pressure more now than ever and it’s very important to have positive reinforcement on a regular basis. We talk about peer pressure, leadership, goal setting and hard work; qualities that if instilled at the right age, guarantee success in the future. This class is full of energy and learning and the young students soak it up like a sponge.

Children at this age need help adjusting to their changing physiques. The classes emphasize coordination and technique and the students learn the same curriculum as our adult class, but in a manor more focused to their age and maturity. They also are able to partner with children their own size which makes any practice much more enjoyable. For more information, please click here, or email the Director of our youth Taekwondo program, Julian Vasquez Jr. at vasquezjr@vasquez-taekwondo.com


 The following classes are available. Choose your times below, minimum of twice per week classes:

  • Offer Olympic Level Sport Taekwondo Classes that is age specific
  • Eligible to participate in Tournament Olympic Sport Classes (Wed PM)
  • Eligible to participate in the Santos Coyote Classes (Sat AM)