VTA Approach

A Balanced, Positive Approach to Martial Arts Training

At Vasquez Taekwondo, our goal is to offer every martial artist a fun, educational and challenging martial arts experience. We recognize that Taekwondo athletes need positive reinforcement and confidence-building enthusiasm. We provide a balanced, supportive environment where age-group and senior Taekwondo practitioners alike can achieve peak performance through a combination of mental, technical and physical training.

Focus On The Whole Sport Taekwondo-ist

Founder and owner of Spark Performance Taekwondo Sport, Julian Vasquez, Jr., believes strongly in a concept he calls "The Taekwondo Triangle" - an approach that focuses on mental, technical and physical development. A former Olympic National Player with 12 years of professional coaching experience, Julian Vasquez, Jr. creates unique curriculums to help taekwondo athletes improve in all areas of performance. He has enhanced the performance of thousands of martial art players, from National to International players. For the past 15 years, Coach Vasquez, Jr. has focused exclusively on producing the athlete within.

Personalized Attention

We don't believe bigger is always better. With a 10:1 Taekwondo to coach ratio, Taekwondo-ers receive consistent guidance in all aspects of competitive ‘Sport Taekwondo’. Our course curriculum reflects the most recent trends in Taekwondo today.

Where U.S. National Champions Train

Spark Performance Taekwondo’ – Speed, Power, Discipline, Flexibility, Balance, Success, Strength, Confidence. ‘Olympic Level I, II, III Courses’,  -  For all ages three different classes for varied skill levels and age groups. This is where beginners become Black  Belts and where dedicated athletes can become future Olympians in life.  We have over 18 years of experience in providing comprehensive training programs to suite your needs.


Julian Vasquez, Jr., Vasquez Spark Performance Taekwondo fitness and Olympic Sport Program director is a 3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor, and Coach for all competition team programs.


Our Philosophy

Picture - Two time Olympic  Gold Medalist Steven Lopez (in black) with VTA National Medalist Athletes in photo from L – R : Sarah D., Chris D., Coach Julian Vasquez Jr., Jose L., and Rikki F

We create a positive, supportive environment for both age-group and highly competitive martial artist alike. This approach has proven to be effective time and again. At Vasquez Taekwondo, we value our Taekwondo-ist, honor their contributions and coach/instruct to their individual needs. While martial arts training is our focus, we care deeply about the person within the uniform.


If you would like more information, please contact Julian Vasquez Jr. at 972-548-8275, email at vasquezjr@vasquez-taekwondo.com, or click here.