How young can my children be to start?

Our Little Tigers should be a minimum of 4 when they start. We find  children of this age have the attention span and maturity to enjoy the class. If you have a 3 year old who is very mature, we do allow some younger children on a case by case basis.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 40 minutes long.

Do the Little Tigers spar?

As our Little Tigers get into advanced belts like green and blue, there is some occasional sparring that is done. The kids all have thick protective sparring pads on the head, body, arms, legs, and mid section. The contact is all done lightly, and only to the colored part of the chest protector. No contact to the head, back, or below the belt are ever allowed.

How often are the belt tests?

Testing is done every few months. The tests can be either for a full belt, or a colored tip. Tip tests are for students who are progressing, but not ready for a full belt test yet and need some positive encouragement that they are getting better.

Do they break boards for their belt tests?

Yes, even the smallest Tigers break boards. We have some very thin boards that the kids can easily break without hurting themselves. Tigers will use front kicks, axe kicks, and side kicks. You will be amazed at how big of a smile your child will have on their face when they break a board. It is probably the favorite activity of every Little Tiger. It is also the favorite picture subject for our parents who love to show their child holding a broken board to family and friends.

How often should they come during a week?

We know that with other activities like soccer and baseball, finding time for martial arts can be hard. But, we recommend two classes a week for your child to help them advance at the appropriate pace

Can Taekwondo help my kids with their other sports?

Absolutely. One of our parents, Mrs. Kennedy, is a pediatric physical therapist. She has stated many times that the coordination, balance and strength training in our Little Tigers program was instrumental in helping her two kids improve their soccer games.

Is this like boot camp for kids? How strict are you with them?

No, our classes are not like boot camps. We show the utmost of patience and understanding with your children. However, we do require that they stand at attention, listen to the instructor, and show proper respect. We have found a nice balance of creating a fun and rewarding environment with learning about discipline and respect.