Class Format

Many parents wonder what a class is like for our Little Tigers. At ages 4-6, they are too young for our more serious training, but at the same time, our classes are far from just being a form of entertainment.

We have designed a curriculum for 4-6 year olds that teach them many things including:

  • respect
  • discipline
  • fitness
  • flexibility
  • coordination and
  • the foundation for a future in Taekwondo training


We always start with some fun games like Duck Duck Goose to ensure your children start the class with some entertainment.


Our formal classes start with respect and discipline. All children learn to bow to the US flag when then enter the gym. We start with 20 minutes of exercises that include flexibility training, sit ups and modified push ups for strength, and conclude with our standard punching and kicking drills

Coordination and Strength Training

We have a number of different youth training devices like hoops, and tunnels, and target devices that the children use to improve their coordination and strength while having fun.  

Taekwondo Techniques

We spend some time in each class working on specific Taekwondo techniques. This may be through some of our Taekwondo patterns which teach basic movements, or through punching, blocking, and kicking drills.

Our punching drills include upper punch and middle punch. We also teach single, double, and triple punches.

For kicking we teach front kicks, side kicks, axe kicks, round kicks, and back kicks. Our kids will either kick in the air, or against a hand held target.

Taekwondo has a number of blocks that are used to defend against attacks. We teach the upper block, middle block, and lower block.

Lastly, Taekwondo has a number of preset movements called patterns. Our tigers memorize these patterns which incorporate kicks, stances, punches and blocks to help them improve their techniques. We do sparring patterns, as well as our formal Taekwondo patterns.

Self Defense

Our classes include self defense techniques that come from a sister art to Taekwondo called Hapkido. Our techniques include ways to help our Little Tigers defend themselves against punches, wrestling holds, and other bullying they may encounter.


After our kids line up for final drills, we close the class with 5-10 minutes of discussion about what it means to study taekwondo. We discuss the importance of discipline, respect, and listening to parents.