At Vasquez Taekwondo Academy, we have designed a unique program for our Masters in training. The focus is in advancing the knowledge in the techniques of Taekwondo, HapKiDo,and  Tang Soo Do, while teaching the student what it means to be a leader that can help others achieve their full potential. Becoming a master instructor means so much more than just being an individual expert. It is also about learning how to help others achieve that same goal.


The martial arts techniques taught at VTA come from several different Korean sources.

  • Taekwondo - The primary source is WTF Taekwondo. We teach all the kicking, punching, breaking, stance, and blocking techniques that are common to the art. We also cover a number of forms including TaeGuek and advanced forms like Koryo, Keum Gang, Tae Beck, Pyong-Wong, and Ship Jin to name a few.
  • Hapkido - Our classes teach advanced HapKiDo techniques for self defence, grabs, holds, throws, grappling, and ground techniques.
  • Tang Soo Do - We teach a variety of weapons forms and techniques commonly taught through this art. We cover the Bo, Staff, Sai, Knife, and Long Club as well as the Pyung Ahn, and Naihanchi forms.


Deputy Dan

This class is  focused on perfecting our core curriculum material to a point where the person is a fully functioning black belt and able to train other students in those materials.

The Deputy Dan level is a pre-black belt, red/black stripe belt that a student wears while preparing for our Black Belt test. The training is focused on reviewing all the core forms, weapons techniques, HapKiDo holds and self defense, and perfecting kicking, punching, blocks, and stances that are covered in every prior belt test, as well as learning the new black belt techniques.

Transfer Blackbelts

We also support Taekwondo black belts who may come from other schools, are just  moving to the McKinney area, or are black belts who have stopped training for a number of years and now want to resume their studies. These transfer black belts will train to master our core black belt curriculum. Students wishing to train must meet with Master Vasquez Sr. and discuss their previous training experience. They must also present either their WTF black belt card, or their ITF black belt certificate. Black belts from other styles such as Karate, Tang So Do, or other similar styles may also be eligible to participate in this program depending on their skills and training history.

1st Dan Black Belts

Students at this level will learn to further perfect their existing black belt material as well as learn several new forms for Taekwondo, as well as advanced weapons forms for Sai. They will learn new breaking grabs, free sparring techniques, as well as more complex board and concrete block breaking techniques.

2nd Dan/ 3rd Dan

Students at this level will learn a new set of forms from the NaihanChi series, as well as several others. Added focus will be on further sparring one-steps, breaking grabs and weapons  techniques against a long club, Sai, and Staff. Additional concrete breaking techniques will be taught as well as some of the most complex hand and foot breaks. At the same time, the students will be learning how to teach other classes, and attending and grading students during promotion tests. Much advice is given by Master Vasquez on learning how to become a leader, and mentor to other students.