Black Belt Masters


Congratulations, you have just received your Blackbelt! Now what are you going to do? For many Taekwondo schools, that means you are now 90% dedicated to teaching with little to no opportunity to advance your skills through formal training. This lack of opportunity for advancement has lead to as many as 80% of Blackbelts nation wide stopping their training after their 1st Dan promotion.

At Vasquez Taekwondo Academy we have always believed that getting a Blackbelt was like graduating from high school. You have the knowledge and skills to be useful, but there is so much more to learn.

Becoming a Master Instructor

At VTA we have created a dedicated Masters Blackbelt program to help you advance to 4th Dan Blackbelt, and become a Master Instructor yourself. It is the equivalent of getting a university level bachelors and masters degree in Martial Arts. It is not a stretch analogy as the time is similar, and the difficulty comparable.

Our gym has a separate Blackbelt training room which allows us to have individual classes and programs just for Deputy Dan/Returning Blackbelts, 1st Dan, and 2nd/3rd Dan students.  At present we have over 14 classes per week just for our Blackbelts. As of 2010, we have over 50 registered students in our Masters Blackbelt program.

The picture to the left shows a number of our instructors in the Masters Blackbelt program as of March 2010.


Transfer Blackbelts

We have recently created a new concept in the D/FW area - namely a program for transfer and returning Taekwondo Blackbelts. If you come from another school in the area, we have a dedicated program to help you learn our material quickly, and start progressing towards advanced dans. For returning blackbelts, we also have a fastrack program to help get you training again and back on track working towards advancement. You may have been out for a few years, or 20 years, but you will be surprised how quickly things come back.  As an advantage, at VTA, if your technique is still good, we do not require you to start training again from white belt as some schools do. You will start as either a red/black stripe, or Blackbelt, and are given specific classes to learn our full curriculum. Once you have learned it, you will be back on your way to advancing in the art.

Our Transfer and Returning blackbelts have three different interim levels before they start advanced training.

  • Black belt with no stripe - new transfer blackbelt.
  • Black belt with blue stripe - the student has learned the core material from our three different programs (Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do) up to a blue belt level.
  • Black belt with red stripe - the student has learned the core material from our three different programs (Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do) up to a red belt level.
  • Black belt with black stripe - the student has learned the core material from our three different programs (Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do) up to a 1st dan black belt level.

Once the student learns our core black belt material for 1st Dan, they begin training towards 2nd Dan. Some people wonder why a black belt from another school has to learn the white through black belt material again, and it is simply because our curriculum is so much more in-depth than other schools. As mentioned above, it is a white to black belt level curriculum in three separate Korean styles, so students need to learn the forms and techniques from the styles they are new to.

Our Program

Have a look at the rest of the website to learn more about our program. Our classes incorporate techniques from WTF  traditional Taekwondo, Olympic Sparring, HapKiDo, and the weapons of Tang Soo Do.  And, if you are extra motivated, we offer a joint Blackbelt program for Taekwondo and our separate Haidong Gumdo sword training program.

Jido Kwan

At Vasquez Taekwondo Academy, we leverage the Taekwondo teachings of a specific Kwan, or group of schools called the Jido Kwan. This Kwan was once focused on just teaching the Aristocracy in Korea. We believe that the unique methods and teachings that this Kwan brings to Taekwondo, HapKiDo, Tang So Do, and Haidong Gumdo is what helps our students become so successful in Martial Arts, and later in life. Please, read the history of Ji Do Kwan and learn more about the VTA Advantage

What Are You Waiting For?

Come out and have a look at our classes and see how we have produced more national champion Blackbelts than almost any other school in the southern US. If you have any questions, please click here, or please email Master Julian Vasquez Sr. at