Our 7,000 sq. ft., three gym academy is one of the largest and newest in all of Texas. Equipped with the best Taekwondo equipment (including sports matting to prevent injury) the gym is the perfect place to have a great workout! Our location is a free standing building located in the prestigious Stonebridge Ranch area of McKinney, TX at 2050 Alma Rd.

Black belt Room - Our Blackbelt Room is dedicated to advanced Taekwondo and HapKiDo training, and Tang So Do weapons training such as the Sai, Bo, Staff, Knife as well as the Korean Sword Art, Haidong Gumdo. Unlike many schools that treat all black belts alike, we offer dedicated classes for deputy Dan, 1 Dan,  and 2-3 Dan.

Little Tigers
- A rarity for the state of Texas, we offer a martial arts studio dedicated to children from ages 4 - 6. The room has permanent pre-schooler training equipment, a dedicated tigers training staff, and a beautiful color scheme. It is ideal for your little tiger to grow into a big tiger. With a place like this to train, your young child will want to come back time and time again..

Taekwondo Training Center
- The jewel of our crown, our main gym is a dedicated Olympic training area with two separate Olympic sparing  areas. This room is large enough to handle classes of up to 50 people, although as you can see below, most classes are much smaller