Welcome to Vasquez Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo Academy

Martial Arts Fun and Fitness for the Whole Family in McKinney, TX USA

Thanks for Visiting the Vasquez Taekwondo  and Haidong Gumdo Academy! 

Under the direction of Master Instructor Julian Vasquez Sr, 6th Dan Kukkiwon certified Taekwondo black belt, we are a martial arts school located in the North Dallas, Texas area that teaches one of the most comprehensive, and wide ranging programs of traditional Korean martial arts. 

Our curriculum is solely based on Korean martial arts. While many other martial arts from other styles and countries of origin exist, Korean martial arts are the most practiced in the world and we believe for good reason. We have decided to blend a variety of Korean arts together to provide a broad based program that combines traditional with modern, and empty hand techniques with weapons.

We have created what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive martial arts programs in the North Dallas area.  Come on in and visit us to see why we have been voted Best Martial Arts School in the Area for the past 7 consecutive years. Who knows, it may change you or your children's life.

UTSC Texas Taekwondo Hanmadang - May 17 2014

When: May 17, 2014
Where: McKinney Boyd High School, McKinney, Texas 

Registration: Click Here

2014 Winter Pricing

The fall is here! To help everyone get back in shape after the Christmas holidays, we are now offering some of our best specials in years. Please look at the offers below and see which best suites your needs.

  • Pre-School Children's Martial Arts Program - VTA is now offering 6 different morning classes a week for children 3 years old. We are also offering morning classes for 4 and 5 year olds, as well as early afternoon classes. This is in addition to our regular Tigers program for 4 and 5 year olds. Please click here for the schedule, and here if you are interested in more information.
  • Adult Evening Classes $79 per Month - We are offering a special deal on adult taekwondo classes after 6:45 pm. Students can now attend classes 3 days a week (evening) and 2 noon classes for a total of 5 classes a week for the low cost of $79 per month. Click here if you are interested in more information or click here for the schedule.
  • Korean Sword (Haidong Gumdo) Introductory Program at $49 Per Month - We are offering a special Haidong Gumdo class for new white belt students, now including children as young as 6 years. For the low cost of $49 per month, you can learn the exciting martial art of the Korean Sword. Click here if you are interested in more information, or click here for the schedule to see the times of our 5 weekly beginner classes.
  • Free Trial Lesson for Any VTA Program - For the specials above, or any VTA program, you can come in and try a lesson for free. There is no obligation. What greater way to start the new year than see if any of our programs are right for you!

Our School

The Korean styles taught at our school include the complete white to black belt curriculums for the following four martial arts as depicted in the diagram below: 


Why is VTA Unique?

Vasquez Taekwondo is unique in the North Dallas region for a number of reasons:

  • "Three Belts In One" - We provide a Taekwondo black belt program that combines the full white to black belt curriculum of Taekwondo, HapkiDo, and Tang Soo Do.
  • We offer a separate belt program for Haidong Gumdo, the traditional Korean sword martial art with over 12 class a week.
  • Our Olympic Taekwondo program is one of the best in the country. Our athletes' have earned over 200 state and regional champions, and over 60 Junior Olympic champions within the past 5 years.
  • We offer a unique Masters Taekwondo program that is focused on creating 4th Dan Taekwondo Master Instructors through over 14 different classes per week just for those who are Black Belts.
  • We provide the most comprehensive web based e-learning system of any school in the US with over 400 videos, and instructional diagrams of our full curriculum up to 4th Dan Black Belt along with Web 2.0 features like messaging and social networking. 
  • We are certified by the World Taekwondo Federation, and World Haidong Gumdo Federation, the largest and most prestigious organizations of their kind.
  • We are a member of the Jido Kwan fraternal order of Taekwondo schools that provides a very strong sense of community and philosophy beyond most Taekwondo schools.
  • We are family run, not a chain, and we are celebrating our 15th year of operation in the McKinney, TX area. 
  • We work hard AND have fun!

Please have a look at our web site to learn more about us, and you will see why we have been awarded Best Martial Arts School for the past 7 consecutive years. If you have any questions, please call us at 972-548-9275, or click this link to get more information.



Girls V Factor - Women's Self Defense

Vasquez Taewkondo will again be sponsoring our Women's Self Defense clinic - V Factor. This is a one hour seminar designed especially for women and focuses on practical and easy to learn self defense techniques and practices to help keep you safe!

This is our third seminar in the past few months and each one seems to be getting more popular. The class is taught by our highly trained and internationally certified self defense instructors. A maximum of 50 may participate. All participants must be 13 years of age or older.

Click here to pick up a registration form.

Vasquez Taekwondo Academy Voted 2012 Best Martial Arts School

The SEVENTH Year in a Row We Have Received This Award.

VTA is very proud to announce that we have won the 2012 Best Martial Arts School in McKinney award from the Star Telegram's Readers Choice Awards - for the seventh year in a row. As McKinney has grown over the years and more martial arts schools have entered the area, we are very humbled that our students and parents continue to view us as the best in the area. We will continue to work hard to deserve this great award. Thank-you parents and students for this great gift 

Master Vasquez Receives Award from World Haidong Gumdo Association

Master Vasquez received a commendation from the World Haidong Gumdo Federation for his work in helping grow Haidong Gumdo in the southwest United States. In the picture are Master Parnell, Chief Master for the United States, Master Kim - Chief of Education for the WHGF, and Master Vasquez.

Master Vasquez is actively working to grow Haidong Gumdo schools in the state of Texas. If you are interested in a Haidong Gumdo program at your school, please visit this link, or contact Master Vasquez at MasterVasquez@Vasquez-Taekwondo.com 

Blackbelt Program Exceeds 50 Active Students

For the first time in our history, the Masters Blackbelt Program has exceeded 50 students. This means that over 50 students have earned one of our Blackbelt ranks and are actively training at the school towards earning their 4th Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo. VTA has over 12 classes per week dedicated for Blackbelt students, and over 20 available classes per week that Blackbelt students may attend.

VTA's program is open to Blackbelts who have trained at other gyms. We teach one of the most comprehensive program of martial arts in the state of Texas. If you are a Blackbelt and are looking for a challenging program to help you achieve your best in martial arts, please contact Master Vasquez for more information, or click here.